As you embark on your journey to master a new language, we are delighted to have you join our vibrant community of learners. At Durra Institute, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality education, ensuring a conducive learning environment, and fostering a culture of respect, diversity, and academic integrity.

To maintain the integrity of our educational environment and to ensure the well-being of all members of our community, it is essential to establish clear rules and regulations. These guidelines are designed to create a harmonious and productive atmosphere where every student can thrive academically and personally.


  1. Take the placement test to determine your level in general English.
  2. Fill in the registration form(Hard copy or Direct in the system)
  3. Fees paid are not refundable nor transferable.
  4. All balances must be settled within one month after starting of the program
  5. Bring along a passport picture for your student ID card.
  6. Never miss the orientation session before your course begins the last Friday to the beginning of the new session.
  7. Students who register after the first week of every month will automatically start officially in the next month.
  8. NEVER miss classes unless you are SICK and can provide convincing EVIDENCE for your sickness to the ADMINISTRATION and your TEACHER.
  9. All absentees (with NO concrete reason up to 3 days) in the course of the month will AUTOMATICALLY defer the course for that month at their own cost.
  10. All students in their capacity that would not commence class when he/she has to, it will be accounted as part of their months of study.
  11. TO AVOID MISINFORMATION, always go to the administration for any enquiries if you are not sure about something. DO NOT ASK A FRIEND OR ASSUME ANYTHING.
  12. Students who wish to take their CERTIFICATE for any reason MUST apply for at least one-week grace period.
  13. Your level on the certificate depends on your ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE and not the number of months you studied.


  • Paying of fees must be done before the starting of class.
  • Fees paid are not refundable nor transferable to any third party
  • All balances must be settled within one month after starting of the program.


  • For advice or solutions to your academic problems, speak to a member of the academic board in room8,from Monday to Thursday, 2:30 – 3:30pm (each day)
  • Participate actively in all oral sessions:
  1. classroom speaking session,
  2. oral class, and
  • Saturday English club.


  • Always read your lessons before and after class for easier understanding of lessons.
  • Make sure you RESPECTFULLY ask your teacher to clarify any piece of information you did not understand during the lesson.
  • All corrections after the exam will be on the last Friday and students who FAIL to attend the correction will not be considered for any correction after this day.
  • All students who did not sit the exam due to CONCRETE REASONS will RESIT their exam on the first Wednesday of the new session.

NB: any student, who comes after that, WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RESIT exam.

  • Pass your exams each month, score more than 50% in all subjects, and study hard throughout the month.
  • Elementary students must have more than 50% in three (3) subjects to pass to the next class.
  • Pre-intermediate students must have more than 50% in four (4) subjects and
  • Intermediate students more than 50% in five (5) subjects.

NB: interview classes must get at least 35% in interview and 15% in theory.

  • It is not allowed to use phone in the classrooms and during exams. Your phone will be seized and will be given to you a month after.


  • It is not allowed for any student to act aggressively, to abuse the staff or anybody legally admitted in this premises.
  • If any student acts negatively according to the rules mentioned above, the institute has the right to undertake disciplinary measures that could lead to a dismissal or suspension of the student.
  • Any other language but English is prohibited in the school.
  • Orientation for fresh students on the first Friday after exam is necessary for all new students.
  • All rubbish generated by anyone in the class/compound must be dumped into the waste bins.