Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain

Our Logistics, Transport, and Supply Chain course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts, strategies, and practices involved in managing the movement of goods and materials across the supply chain.

The course covers topics such as inventory management, transportation modes, logistics network design, supply chain planning, and global trade management. Our curriculum is designed to help students develop the analytical and problem-solving skills needed to optimize supply chain operations and improve business performance.

Our course is taught by experienced logistics and supply chain professionals who have extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry. We offer in-person classes, and our curriculum is updated regularly to ensure that it is aligned with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Our course is suitable for individuals who are new to the field of logistics and supply chain management as well as for those who want to enhance their existing skills. We provide hands-on training and practical experience through case studies and simulations, allowing students to apply their learning to real-world scenarios.

Upon completion of our Logistics, Transport, and Supply Chain course, students will have a strong foundation in logistics and supply chain management and will be well-prepared to pursue a career in this field or to continue their education in a related area.

Duration: 2 months intensive

Fees: Ghc 2500,00


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